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A few hints for writing an example driven blog post :

There are many tutorial sites on the internet that additionally have an example project. There is no point writing one more tutorial, instead we do the other way. We provide an example and additionally a blog post that explains the example application and might provide some high level overview of the technology. Articles should be written in the spirit of the following rules :

  • The language of the blog in English, just like the language of IT, no coincidence.
  • All posts must have a working example that meets the following rules
    • Source code is hosted in our github repo here
    • Java, examples must use the org.exampledriven.<<projectname>> main package
    • Examples must be able to compile with a single command, preferably with a tool like Maven, Gradle or anyting similar
  • The github project name is <<technology>>-example e.g.: CXF-example
  • The github readme must include the following information
    • Link to the blog post
    • List of technologies used
    • Instructions of how to run the example
  • Rules of a post
    • Each post has the same structure until the more tag (after that anything can come)
    • Each post must list the technologies used for the example including the version number. Version number is important because in a few years it will indicate how outdated the example is
    • Posts must be tagged and categorized
    • Section titles are wrapped by <pre> </pre> tags (because the current theme renders them nicely)

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